Leadership in Engineering and Technology
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Leadership in Engineering and Technology

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Ronald J. Bennett, Ph.D.,P.E.

Most leadership books are written by and about CEOs. Many are inspirational and interesting, but they seldom provide tools to help others become leaders. However, we need leadership in industry, education, and government; we need leadership in setting public policy in our communities and country. We need leaders at all levels in every organization, not just in the executive suite.

In our view, leadership is the ability and courage to create a vision that inspires others, the ability to communicate that vision and to engage all the talent in the organization to focus on the same goal. This means you can lead no matter what your job title or position.

This book is based on our experiences in leadership training and education, as well as the experiences of many graduate students in the School of Engineering at the University of St. Thomas. These working adults entered the program as engineers, scientists, and other technical professionals. They shared goals of growing, learning, and self-improvement. Along with academic and technical instruction, they were invited to discover their potential, think broadly about their contributions to society, and create plans for developing their leadership capabilities.

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